Dynamic content creates interest

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) brings customers to your site; great design keeps them interested.

Dynamic content is the on screen movement of text, pictures and icons which keep the customer interested.

Scattering your site with dynamic content will help generate interest. Below you'll find some examples of dynamic content you could consider. If you've got a new idea, just let me know; I would be delighted to develop it.

Dynamic Content Passionate Scrolling Text Desktop Self Assessment Wales Pontyclun Action Group

Scrolling Text

I developed the scolling text functionality for the Pontyclun Santa Fun Run. Instead of just showing all the entrants in a long list we decided to add some interest to the home page by having a rolling list of entrants.

Rolling your mouse over the scrolling area stops it scrolling.

Rolling the mouse off the scrolling area starts scrolling again.

Answer Property Management Logo

Expanding box

Hovering over the box (clicking on a small screen) brings the user more information.

Expanding Boxes

These expanding boxes look great and work brilliantly at drawing the customer in. On a desktop, having three boxes across a screen really gets the customer interacting.

Just roll your mouse over the box to see it in action.

Drag and drop

We can even let customers move objects about on the screen. I developed this specifically for quizzes on the online training websites I supply.

On the training websites, students can drag and drop answers against the right questions so show they've understood the subject.

Here, you can drag and drop the countries to sort them into European and non-European countries.


Drop here

United States


Drop here

United Kingdom
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